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Text: "SpokenWeb Summer Institute 2021 / Scholarly Podcasting: from Pitch to Production / Date: Tuesday, June 29 / Time: 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern" // Image: a photograph of a microphone in the foreground with a laptop screen behind showing a DAW
Scholarly Podcasting: From Pitch to Production
In this workshop, SpokenWeb Podcast host and Amplify Podcast Network co-director Hannah McGregor, SpokenWeb supervising producer Judith Burr, and Amplify supervising producer Stacey Copeland will introduce participants to the process of developing and pitching a podcast idea, and then turning that idea into reality. The first half of the workshop will focus broadly on the skills involved in developing a scholarly podcast, and will be open to all practicing or aspiring scholarly podcasters. The second half of the workshop will be a focused pitch workshop, in which participants will start to develop their pitches for SpokenWeb Podcast episodes. All skill levels welcome!

Jun 29, 2021 10:00 AM in Vancouver

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